On eating insects

March 20, 2007

In a continuation of our campaign against speciesism, and as a daring protest against inequality/injustice, last week the authors of the Recreational Vegan decided to eat chocolate covered insects. We received a wide range of responses from our colleagues at the office, ranging from cries of outrage over seemingly abandonded vegan principles, to outright disgust, to girlish screams from otherwise manly men. Unfortunately, the point of the exercise – that all animals should be treated equally – seemed lost on the audience.


The novelty candy, which was received as an anti-Valentine’s Day gift, was not without its non-vegan charm. However, the larva and crickets which comprised the filling had been dried, resulting in an overly grainy texture. In my opinion, candy should be juicy, and this was definitely not the case here.

To find out more about the candy, the Recreational Vegan conducted a phone interview with the candy’s manufacturer, Hotlix Candy. Sadly, Hotlix staff refused to speak about the production process. Although they insisted that their crickets are treated humanely, this is impossible to independently verify. As a result, we cannot strongly recommend this product for ethical reasons. Also, the chocolate has milk in it.


Squirrel hair… makeup brushes?

November 22, 2006

I didn’t think I’d ever post a fashion related comment on this blog, but here it goes. I was dragged into the makeup store Sephora on the weekend, and stumbled upon squirrel hair makeup brushes. Apparently, “the super soft squirrel-hair bristles distribute powder perfectly“. To quote my co-author,definitely not vegan‘. Now, I have heard of pony hair brushes, but never squirrel. This raises two questions in my mind: (1) Is there a squirrel farm out there?; and (2) Ethically speaking, is this better, worse or the same as using pony hair? I will definitely be exploring the speciesism issue more.

[Picture forthcoming]