Vegan athleticism: Addendum

January 19, 2007

Following a previous post which gave incontrovertible evidence that an animal-free diet enhances athletic performance, vegans and non-vegans alike are probably searching for vegan energy bars in record numbers.

Fortunately, research into providing new energy bars (which will hopefully accomodate surging demand) is already underway. Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan are studying the effects of red lentils on athletic performance. It will come as no surprise to readers of this website that lentils are “the perfect food for athletes.”1 One of the ultimate goals of the research is to develop a pulse-based energy bar. According to lentil expert Phil Chilibeck, current energy bars just aren’t very effective.

To find out whether the new lentil energy bars under development will be vegan, the Recreational Vegan (TRV) conducted an interview with Professor Chilibeck (PC).

TRV: I read with interest an article about your research on lentil energy bars in the Vancouver Sun. I was wondering if the sports bars being developed will be vegan (i.e., free of animal products like dairy and meat). Also, would a vegan energy bar be more efficient or “better” than a non-vegan bar?

PC: The energy bar development is a bit down the road right now for us. The first step in our current research is to see how beneficial they are for improving athletes’ performances. The next step (probably a year or so from now) is to develop a good way to deliver the lentils, as in an energy bar. At the start of the project we discussed some components that may go into the bar and things like hemp oil, and conjugated linoleic acid (extracted from sunflower oil) were discussed. I don’t think they would include any animal products. If and when we go to develop a bar I will try to push for no animal products.

Thanks, Phil!