About us

After arriving to Toronto from western Canada, the authors discovered to their shock and horror that the websites dedicated to all things Toronto vegan (estimated conservatively at %0.00005) must increase and decided to launch this blog.


6 Responses to About us

  1. Tuco says:

    Hi there Rec. Vegan:
    Don’t know if you’ve ever seen the TVO program “The Agenda”, but it is a very intelligent show which discusses current affairs.
    Their website at http://www.tvo.org/agenda has a great viewer’s discussion forum, where you can post story ideas, they get debated in the forum, and the most hotly debated ones often become episodes of the show.
    I’m hoping to get the host, Steve Paikin, to do an episode on factory farming / veggie issues, and wondered if you’d mind leading your readers towards this page:

    and having them reply (after registering quickly) to the “Factory Farming – Intensive Livestock Operations” thread.

    Any help would be appreciated! Take care!

  2. Mitch says:

    Neat site, welcome to Toronto.

  3. I stumbled upon your blog and found it quite interesting. Several categories -nicely laid out.

    I stumbled upon a whole food multi over four years ago and have been consumming them since. My wife and I thought so highly of them we invested in the fledgling company and are marketing the product.

    Fruits and veggies. Most folks cannot get all they should for optimum nutrition, as you undoubtably know.

    We have only two products. Pop-a-Green and Pop-a-Purple. Between the two I get 51 extreme fruits and veggies, big anti-oxidants, enzymes and flora.

    Instant nutrition in a capsule. For people who know they don’t get all the fruits and veggies they know they should be getting. Like we were.

    Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that? If you do, have him or her give me a shout or go to http://LifeIsTooShort.info

    At that website there is available our “Staying Alive Press” along with all kinds of info.

    Or, call me. I’ll show someone what we have -and we can see if it’s a match, OK?

    Dave Christensen
    Ballston Spa Wellness Project

    whole food multi
    fruits and veggies

  4. ASHISH PANDIT says:

    Dear All,
    In one of the entries it was mentioned about Quantitve Science Branch of The Recreational Vegan.
    Can anybody tell me what is this branch is about?
    Ashish Pandit

  5. Tom says:

    This was a great blog – funny, informative and focused on TO where the vegan community needs a voice. Please start posting again!

  6. Subhash Dabir says:

    Dear Sir, thanks for comments on the clarified juices of fruits mainly banana. it is possible and feasible. what is the reason the farmers or the industrialists not coming forward for this particular venture? Do not they have developed the taste for it? I am there for providing the enzymatic clarified juice of fruits technology with long self-life, in particular banana fruits, that is no where on the shelves in the big malls. let us hope for the best– hope i shall get some esquires — dabir—

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