Notice of Retraction

Some readers may have noticed that at approximately 11:55 pm E.D.T. today, Vegetarian Haven’s VfM (Value for Money) ranking on this website dropped by one-half avocado. This change comes as a direct result of increased competition in vegan food production from China. Following visits to a trio of low-priced vegan restaurants in Chinatown (namely Buddha’s Vegetarian Foods, Full Moon, and Bo De Duyen), it became clear that an immediate revaluation of VfM rankings on this website was necessary.

Although protectionists will likely clamour for subsidies to rankings for restaurants outside of Chinatown, we believe that interventionist policies such as these would undermine competition in the market place and would be detrimental to consumer welfare. As a result, we have elected to allow VfM rankings to adjust flexibly to changes in market conditions. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused for our readers.


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