Restaurant Review: Annapurna

The Indian restaurant Annapurna has the distinction of being the oldest vegetarian eatery in Toronto. It is also by far the kookiest.1 The restaurant is run by a cult which worships the Indian mystic Sri Chinmoy. Judging by the naive slogans stamped on sugar packets and the plethora of propaganda magazines which are sometimes forced upon patrons dining alone, the cult’s primary goal seems to be world domination through mind control, happy thoughts, and vegetarian cuisine.

The food is plentiful and cheap. The Indian Assortment provides an obscenely large dinner for $17. Unfortunately, price is an indicator of quality in this case and the food is only a few notches above cafeteria level. But for strong-willed individuals with sufficiently robust tinfoil hats, huge appetites, and a limited budget, this restaurant is highly recommended.

Rankings (out of 5 avocados):

Deliciousness: avocado_full.jpg

VfM: avocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpg

Fruit in meal: No

Ambience: avocado_full.jpgavocado_half.gif (for a pleasant tackiness)


Words of Wisdom from Sri Chinmoy: A moment’s love can and shall make the world perfect.

Annapurna, 1085 Bathurst, ovo-lacto vegetarian and vegan dishes. Average main less than $10.

1 In fact, the restaurant is more or less uncontested in both fields following the closure of Hey Good Cooking.


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