Harper Fails to Invest in Juice Diversification

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Toronto- therecreationalvegan is saddened by the fact the Canadian government has ignored calls to diversify the country’s fruit juice manufacturing sector. The government failed to support the move in the 2007 budget. Resolution 2007-01 was forwarded to Prime Minister Harper in an effort to put the public spotlight on the lack of variety on our nation’s juice shelves.

“Today is a dark day for juice” said vegetable95. “I thought today was going to be a turning point for our country – a day that would reverse year after year of the regular medley of orange, grapefruit and cranberry juice. No such luck.”

therecreationalvegan is also concerned about Canada losing out in the international juice market. “Azerbaijan, South Korea, and Australia are pushing ahead with juice variety”, said vegetable95, noting that Azerbaijan’s Bling Bling 100% Pomegranate Juice has hit Canadian stores with widespread approval. “We hope members of the House amend the budget to ensure juice remains a national priority”.


2 Responses to Harper Fails to Invest in Juice Diversification

  1. Vegan Scott says:

    That’s a shame, but it doesn’t affect me much. I usually don’t drink juice, because it has so much sugar.

    You might like the Vegan Forums.

  2. First they come for the juice. Then the vegetables?

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