Vegan Artist Profile: Julie Doiron

New Brunswick-based bilingual singer songwriter Julie Doiron has recently released her newest album, “woke myself up”. She plays with a band (Eric’s Trip) on this album, as opposed to the one woman show, which allows for the critical little bit of angry rock out. But, for those Rush fans, this is still a folk album. Overall, I’m a huge fan of Doiron. Her lyrics continue to be cute, clever and honest: “Don’t wanna be loved by you/and I never wanna be in your bed/and I never wanna be in your books/but I might play music for you.”

I saw her perform twice on recent appearances in Toronto, and I’m sorry to say I was disappointed. She tended to get nervous (even though she’s been playing 15+ years) and ended up chatting a lot, which prevented a longer set of music. That said, I won’t stop buying her CDs. Her previous disc “Goonight Nobody” is a must-have, and great introduction to Doiron. For those interested in listening to one of her French albums, “Desmorais” is perfect for a quiet and relaxing evening.

I learned at the last show that she is a vegan. On one of her moments of endless chatter, she spoke about the veganness of beer, a subject I’ll let the reader explore.

Julie Doiron’s albums are available at Soundscapes (for about $15) or wherever good music is sold. You can listen to some Doiron songs by searching her name on CBC Radio 3.


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