Workers of the world unite

Did you know that in 2003 155 billion bees were exploited in the United States alone?1 Not only is the honey which bees need for their own purposes appropriated for human use, but countless bees are maimed in the process. The Recreational Vegan‘s bee expert (read daughter of hobby bee keeper) declined our request for an interview to discuss this interpretation of honey production. We interpret this as an indication of agreement by aquiescence.

More recently, hundreds of millions of bees have been disappearing from their hives across 24 states. This is entirely unlike anything that has been seen before in that dead bees are not found in the hives – the bees just disappear. Scientists have put forth a variety explanations for this unprecedented colony collapse such as viruses, fungi, and even poor nutrition. However, none of these explanations addresses the impact on bee behaviour of abysmal working conditions, or why dead bees are not found in the hives. Much more likely is that the bees have finally organized and are taking collective action against their employers until working conditions improve.

The Recreation Vegan would like to take this opportunity to express its solidarity for worker bees. We urge bee keepers everywhere to improve working conditions for the honey producing masses. This exploitation of bees must end.

1 Source: Vegan propoganda website. WARNING: This website depicts scenes of violence against honey bees and may offend readers with developed moral sensibilities.


3 Responses to Workers of the world unite

  1. Guest Sex Columnist says:

    So, if not lemon and honey, what do the writers of therecreationalvegan suggest for curing a lingering cough?

  2. vegetable95 says:

    Um… veganism, of course. Duh!

  3. Medically speaking, I would suggest prolonged sexual activity.

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