Eat Pomegranate or Die

Have you eaten a pomegranate today? If not, you are lucky to be alive. A quick internet search reveals that consuming pomegranate products fights prostate and breast cancer, reduces hardening of the arteries, inhibits skin tumorigenesis, decreases the incidence of stroke or heart attack, inhibits cartilage degradation from osteoarthritis and is not toxic.

Given these findings and the recent decline in pomegranate juice prices in Toronto, QSB (Quantative Strategies Branch) is predicting a sharp decrease in hospital occupancy rates over the coming months. Just thank Azerbaijan and their exports of 100% organic “Bling Bling” pomegranate juice.


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8 Responses to Eat Pomegranate or Die

  1. Cee-cee says:

    Thank goodness I have eaten a pomegranate today…! Who knows what ills may have befallen me otherwise!?!

  2. Ruth Blackmore says:

    I have bought the Bling Bling Pomegranate juice at the Super store in Brampton. The one question I have is that the label for Bling Bling says 20 calories per cup. The label on other brands says 120-140 calories per cup. I think the lable on Bling Bling is wrong. I wish it were true and that it were only 20 calories per cut but all other pure juices are about 120 calories per cut except of course lime juice! Is there anyone out there to verify this for me!


  3. vegetable95 says:

    In response to your question, we have sent a sample of Bling Bling to the Quantitative Strategies Branch (QSB) lab. However, since QSB employs only economists, and economics is not a science, we expect a significant delay in resolving this issue.

  4. apple-man says:

    Does anyone know where i can find this elusive Bling Bling pomegranate juice? In Toronto?

  5. vegetable95 says:

    Believe it or not, Bling Bling is still on sale at Food Depot Supermarket (155 Dupont).

  6. Anonymous says:

    I just saw some on sale or 1.99 for 1 litre bottle at the Kitchen Table.

  7. Artaxerxes says:

    It is now FREE at the Kitchen Table, located under the First Canadian Place in Toronto (the BMO tower for those who wonder what the FCP is).

  8. Peter says:

    Where on earth can I buy Bling Bling pomegranate juice. I used to get it from my local grocer a few years ago, but lately I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas? I live in the Toronto area of Canada.

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