Self-sufficiency: update

With Ontario in the crushing grip of a fuel shortage, the impact of which is already being felt in the trucking industry, Torontonians should prepare for a possible increase in produce prices. In my case the situation is all the more dire following a drought in my apartment over the Christmas holidays which killed one third of my existing lemon orchard.

To help cope with the situation I have decided to redouble my efforts to become self-sufficient and am pushing forward with in-apartment apple production. Given that the apple trees are currently about 1cm Apple treehigh, it remains to be seen whether the first harvest will come in time for the current crisis. Nonetheless the long-term benefits of self-sufficiency are substantial. Readers unassociated with the economics of production may wonder if it is possible to grow enough crops in a one bedroom apartment to sustain oneself. However, it should be noted that the ultimate outcome depends on the elasticity of substitution between arable land and other inputs such as capital, technology, sunlight, and enthusiasm. Strangely, there appears to be a gap in the empirical literature on this topic making it impossible to draw any substantive conclusions at this point. The experiment continues!


4 Responses to Self-sufficiency: update

  1. Wolff says:

    Apples, and lemons are ok, but where are the pears? Where?

  2. They unfortunately passed on.

  3. vegetable95 says:

    You make a good point, especially considering that 2007 is year of the pear. Pear production (attempt two) will commence shorty.

  4. vegetable95 is a hot shot fruit grower. I think I hear the Niagara Region is calling your name!

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