Soy Breakfast in Chinatown

In December, I posted about the delicious warm soy milk and donut breakfast so common in China. I discovered that several restaurants in Toronto’s (downtown) Chinatown serve this breakfast. For one to have this experience, one must get over the large (dead) animals hanging in front of the window. I checked out Goldstone Noodle Restaurant, a popular diner type joint on Spadina. The food, a long plain donut and a bowl of warm sweet soy milk, was fantastic and cheap (under $8 for two people including tea). Basic story: brunch on Bloor or College is overrrated.

Goldstone is located at 266 Spadina, just south of Dundas. When ordering, make sure to ask for a bowl of soy milk. Otherwise, you may end up with a cup — highly unsuitable for donut dipping.


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