Canada’s Food Guide: In the pockets of big eggplant?

The reader may be astonished, even offended, by the level of anti-eggplant sentiment by the authors of this website. It started off as a joke, but after continued reading and research we believe this is a serious issue that may be undermining the health of Canadian democracy.

On February 2, a Globe and Mail article discussed the intensive lobbying carried out by major food manufacturers to convince the government to include (or exclude in the case of, for example, “junk food”) their foods in the most recent version of Canada’s Food Guide. Now, we do not know for certain whether the eggplant industry was one of these lobbyists, but consider this: eggplant has little nutritional value, but the arrogant bright purple vegetable appears on the front cover between the clearly superior sweet potatos and berries.

Canada’s Food Guide


4 Responses to Canada’s Food Guide: In the pockets of big eggplant?

  1. ainslie says:


    p.s. how did you like your moussaka last night?

  2. […] – one of the world’s greatest nuts. Regarding the eggplant, regular readers will note the hypocritical nature of the order. I must say that the eggplant dish was superb, and was joined by green beans and […]

  3. tuco says:

    I really dislike eggplant.
    Eggplant is evil.
    George Bush probably likes eggplant.

  4. Hottie says:

    wtf r u talking about dumb asses?? ?
    like wtf u r so gay and you dont even know it ??? or do u?? ? fuck!!! u ???? Fuck me hell yes!!!

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