Message to China: End oppression of recreational vegans

Today marks the beginning our campaign to free from Chinese government censorship.* People across the world have the right to read about recreational veganism: the joys of kale, tofu recipes, and vegan sex research shouldn’t be out of reach to 1.3 billion souls. We speculate that this censorship is directly related to our daring revelation that eggplant is a useless vegetable. Imagine the impact on the Chinese economy, a significant player in the eggplant market.

Although the pen is mightier than the sword, we cannot take on this superpower alone. So, we ask you to talk to your friends about this sometimes frightening issue, and collect signatures for our petition to the Canadian House of Commons to urge the Peoples Republic of China to stop censoring our website.

* Over the winter holidays, the author was in China and found out the website was censored.


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