Resolution 2007-01: Canadian Beverage Industry

Have you ever stood in front of a vending machine that offers nothing but orange juice, grapefruit juice, and dasani and wondered “is this all there is?” Anyone who has been to Japan, a land of plentiful vending machines sporting a dizzying array of interesting hot and cold beverages, knows that a better world is possible.

However, few are aware that this excellence in beverage manufacturing has been matched and possibly even surpassed in the English-speaking world. We need look no farther than Australia to see this. To properly appraise the situation, the Recreational Vegan commissioned an investigative report from an Australian fruit juice expert, an excerpt of which is reproduced below.

Australia is a very good country for juice products and fresh fruit. Much better than Japan, and probably better than Canada. The Japanese have a lot of vending machines, but their juices are a bit artificial for my tastes. In fact, they probably produce more “fruit drinks” than “fruit juices”, if you know what I mean. Also, their vending machines don’t sell a lot of juice products for some reason. You’ll find quite a few coffees in the average machine, a few icky electrolyte waters, fizzy drinks, etc. By comparison, our juice industry is very much into fresh juices.

The report goes on to describe the amazing ubiquity of high-quality fruit juice in Australia, something almost incomprehensible to the Canadian imagination.

Clearly, both Japan and Australia have beverage selection far superior to that of Canada. Although Japan has an advantage due to its vending machine culture, and Australia has an advantage due to its fruit-friendly climate, there is no compelling reason to believe that Canada can not compete. Saskatoon berry soda anyone?

In light of this evidence, the Fruit Juice Awareness Squad (FJAS) of the Recreational Vegan had no choice but to take immediate action. At a council meeting on February 10th 2007, Resolution 2007-01 was passed, urging the federal government to address this important issue. The resolution was sent to Prime Minister Harper via email today.

We encourage other blogs and individuals concerned about the state of fruit juice industry in Canada to support our resolution. Simply download the pdf, attach it to an email message explaining your support for the resolution, and send it to Together we can change the Canadian fruit juice industry for the better!

Our email is provided below as an example. Don’t forget to copy the Minister of Industry, Maxime Bernier.



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