Soy milk: which brand is right for you?

Fortified soy milk is a wonderful source of cow-friendly calcium, vitamin B12, and other nutrients. But how can one choose from the plethora of brands that crowd the store shelves? In this installment of our continuing series on nutrition, the authors discuss their favourite brands of soy milk.

vegetable95: In the breakfast department I see no other choice than Light Silk for your cereal. Light silk is the cow teat free cousin of skim milk, lacking the overwhelming creamy richness of other kinds of soy milk. As an added bonus, the company that produces it purchases wind power credits, internalizing production externalities, and thereby making your soy milk consumption more economically efficient.

Another big part of my liquid soy lifestyle is hot chocolate, which I shamelessy purchase from evil coffee corp intl. Unsurprisingly, both Starbucks and Second Cup play a role in the systematic oppression of the vegan people by charging extra for soy milk. Both produce a tasty chocolate beverage though.

therecreationalvegan: Soy chocolate milk is a pretty serious matter for me, likely a result of a childhood love for chocolate milk. I had given up on the product because of it’s all too often chalky taste… until I discovered Natura chocolate soy, a surprisingly creamy/smooth and delicious drink. Blend with ice, plain soy milk, vanilla, and frozen bananas for a healthy treat.

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6 Responses to Soy milk: which brand is right for you?

  1. Guest Sex Columnist says:

    Can the distinguished writers explain to me where soy-cream for coffee come from? Condensed soy milk? Different way of milking a tofu cow? ….

  2. Ainslie says:

    what about rice milk? i looove rice dream, plain or chocolate, but always enriched.

  3. I think that rice milk is disgusting… akin to the general terribleness of stews. My co-author probably disagrees. Perhaps we need a Guest Rice Milk contributor.

  4. ceelun says:

    i work at second cup and recently discovered strawberry soy milk. just a few pumps of strawberry syrup with a cup of silk poured over ice. sweet treat.
    also, on a recent trip to the states i found silk soy creamers available in their grocery store equivalent to loblaws. never seen soy creamers here in toronto. maybe they have them a whole foods?

  5. ceelun says:

    and in relation to the systematic opression…
    -i probably consume about 1.5 litres of silk per week because drinks are free and unlimited for employees. good deal for me.
    -la commensal website states that they don’t charge extra for drinks made with soy. i’ve never been there, will have to check it out.

  6. Opossum says:

    Are there any soy milk companies who are actually ethical vegans and NOT dairies ?

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