Emergency Announcement

The following is an emergency announcement from the Fruit Juice Awarness Squad (FJAS) of the Recreational Vegan:

Bling BlingOn sale now at the Food Depot Supermarket (155 Dupont):

100% Organic “Bling Bling” Pomegranate Juice (not from concentrate)

966 mL for $2.99

(reg. $5.99)

This concludes the emergency announcement.


3 Responses to Emergency Announcement

  1. […] these findings and the recent decline in pomegranate juice prices in Toronto, QSB (Quantative Strategies Branch) is predicting a sharp decrease in hospital occupancy […]

  2. stu says:

    Bling-Bling is great – tangy/pure/ bought it in Owen Sound recently but can’t find it now.
    great with 3 cubes ice, 1oz Bling, 2 oz vodka fill with motts the works clamato.
    yee ha !!!!
    does Loblaws have it…they are Zaires here in the near woods..thought i got it at Walmart but they’ve never heard of it. Have not heard of Food Depot. Who distributes Bling x 2 in Canada?
    Appreciate hearing back from someone on this. Pomegranite is very healthy. Hope to live to 65.

    “stompin” Stu

  3. Kristine says:

    Keep an eye out for it at Honest Ed’s – it’s usually on sale for $3.99.

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