Self Sufficiency Part II

Nuclear war. Rise of fascism. Cylon attack. A sudden realization that the hermit life is the better way.

Preparation is the key to survival. During times of trouble supermarkets will be stocking canned tuna, guns, and bibles. Hardly the ammunition for the recreational vegan. The recreational vegan warrior needs a rich, fatty, buttery fruit in her fight against evil to calm her senses and keep her mind on the goals. So next to your lemon tree, plant an avocado tree. Ideally the plants will be left near your nuclear-attack-proof cellar so that when you run downstairs you can grab the life-saving fruits on your way.

I chose to seed my avocado in water, following these directions.



3 Responses to Self Sufficiency Part II

  1. meatdecreasing says:

    Did you have any luck with this? I tried it but it hasn’t germinated and it’s starting to go moldy.

  2. I had the same experience. However, I put a pit in soil (as suggested as an alternative in the link) and gave it as a gift and it is doing well. The pit has started to split open, which is a good sign. She put some pieces of charcoal in the soil (sweetens soik) which seems to have helped. Keep us updated!

  3. meatdecreasing says:

    My avocado has germinated:
    (sorry about the makeshift pot)
    I had left it on the windowsill and forgotten about it so I don’t even know when it first sprouted!

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