Boil them alive!

I recently did some research on whether lobsters could swim (they can’t, bet won!). But I stumbled upon a portion of the Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library website dedicated to questions about the American Lobster. The website is amusing, because it is pro eating lobster, a result of the region’s economic dependence on the seafood industry. Here’s a quote:

Do lobsters suffer and feel pain when being cooked?
Lobsters are invertebrates and do not have a complex nervous system like humans. They are similar to a grasshopper whose brain is small and consists only of a bundle of nerves. Because they are quite simplistic in nature they do not have the same threshold of pain as we do and therefore do not feel pain to the same degree as us.


2 Responses to Boil them alive!

  1. vegetable95 says:

    According to this more research is required (the default conclusion of all scientific inquiry). Some good quotes there too: “This is exactly like the tobacco industry claiming that smoking doesn’t cause cancer.”

  2. Darren says:

    The source may well be biased, yes, but I think it is reasonable to assert that the amount of pain a lobster would feel is somewhere between that of what a human would feel and what a piece of bok choy would feel.

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