The Joy of Nutritional Yeast Flakes

At this point readers are probably wondering where they can get vitamin B12, which is commonly acquired from dead animals. According to internet vegan lore, our plant-eating gorilla friends obtain all the B12 they need from bacteria on plant foods.1 (incidentally proving that the vegan diet is not unnatural2) Herbivorous humans however, forced to live under the burden of modern society and prewashed vegetables, are unable to live in such harmony with nature and must acquire B12 from fortified sources. This brings us to the third installment in our series on nutrition in which we discuss nutritional yeast flakes.

Nutritional yeast, Nutritional yeast or “good tasting yeast” as it is known to some hippies in Kingston Ontario, resembles barnyard-variety sawdust visually and olfactorily, but actually tastes quite nice. It can be used to add flavour to a recipe (see here and here for example) and as an added benefit contains a pleasant amount of B12 (assuming you weren’t tricked into buying the non-fortified variety).

As a segue into the next installment in this series, Soy Milk: Which brand is right for you?, it should be noted that fortified soy milk contains a pleasant amount of B12 too.

1 The Jane Goodall Institute was contacted in order to determine the veracity of this claim. To date no response has been received, but readers will be apprised of any future developments.

2 The author fully recognizes that the term “unnatural” has no meaning as applied to diet or other social phenomenon, but chooses to use it here anyway.


One Response to The Joy of Nutritional Yeast Flakes

  1. kay says:

    Where do you find good-tasting nutritional yeast in Toronto?

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