Restaurant Review: Le Commensal

As was discovered long ago by economic theorists, rational consumers always prefer the widest possible array of products from which to choose. Rational vegans need look no farther than Le Commensal to understand this principle. Tucked away in Toronto’s predominantly non-vegan downtown core, this wonderful oasis offers a vegetarian and vegan buffet.

Price is by weight, so try as many different dishes as possible. Although the price to quantity ratio is high for the main course (resulting in a low VfM), you can offset this with the excellent desserts which tend to be delicious and light-weight. Le Commensal is likely to be a hit with your heathen meat-eating friends as they can see what they are getting. It also boasts a convenient location, being within walking distance of theatres, the symphony, and Eaton Centre. The restaurant fairs poorly on the ambience scale due to its cafeteria style atmosphere. This would be compensated by the live music, if it were any good. All things considered, Le Commensal easily achieves the rating of ‘great’.

Rankings (out of 5 avocados):

Deliciousness: avocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpg

VfM: avocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_half.gif

Fruit in meal: Not really (salad bar)

Ambience: avocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_half.gif

Le Commensal, 655 Bay St. (Entrance on Elm) Ovo-lacto vegetarian and vegan dishes. Average main $15 – 20. Licensed.


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