Vegan Sex: Free Cows from Your Bedrooms!

Sex is healthy when it’s consensual between/among the partners involved. However, it may not always be healthy to our environment. If you use latex condoms, gloves, and/or other latex products, you are almost always using non-vegan protection. Latex requires a milk protein – Casein – during processing, and some forms of latex also contain milk powder.

You have a few alternatives. You can find other ways to protect against pregnancy such as the birth control pill or the birth control patch – although such options do not protect against any form of STI and some birth control pills are coated with the animal product gelatin. You can also abandon the use of condoms and gloves all together – although this decision may not be appropriate for all persons, as the absence of condoms or gloves dramatically increases the risk for transmissions of sexual infections and diseases and some people may prefer the use of (water or silicone-based) lubricants with condoms and/or gloves.

There are a few vegan condoms on the market. One of the most popular brands is Condomi. It is made in Germany and started production in 1999. Condomi production utilizes cocoa power instead of Casein and has been awarded the Vegan Society’s seal of approval in Britain. It is accessible over the internet in Canada. However, this condom has not received the seal of approval from the Public Health Departments in the United States and Canada for reasons that are unknown. It may be that regulations of condoms are based on the testing surrounding latex or simply that Condomi is not an effective mode of protection. I shall post updates regarding Condomi’s status in North America.

Remember, cruelty in bed should only involve BDSM, and not innocent animals!

This article was written by a therecreationalvegan’s guest sex columnist.


3 Responses to Vegan Sex: Free Cows from Your Bedrooms!

  1. D-Slam says:

    Vegan condoms? Who knew? That was a very interesting column, although I would hope that no further vegetable/sexual connections are explored.

  2. Guest Sex Columnist says:

    In fact, D-Slam, vegetable and sex have plenty of connections that are very fruitful to one’s sexuality and sexual expressions – a zucchini is a fine example. Plus, it is completely vegan (…unless you add a latex condom)!

  3. D-Slam says:

    In all seriousness, I don’t mind in the least if you write more on the vegetable/sexuality connection (questions of size, shape, surface texture, and durability spring to mind). After all, the theme of this blog is that it’s OK to loooooooove vegetables!

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