Restaurant Review: Vegetarian Haven

Nestled within Toronto’s restaurant intensive Baldwin Street, Vegetarian Haven serves a delicious and nutritious vegan lunch and dinner. Over a recent lunch, I had the ‘souper dumpling’ dish, a large bowl of soup with tofu-filled dumplings, mushrooms, and bok choy ($8.99). My co-author went for the “sizzling seitan steak” ($10.50, and yes, it actually sizzles upon arrival), which he described bluntly as “excellent”. This restaurant’s specialty is certainly seitan, which is luxuriously soft. For those with a sweet tooth, their berry pies (I’d go blueberry) are a wonderful ending (or beginning) to a night on the town.

therecreationalvegan rates this restaurant ‘great’. In terms of value for money (VfM), dishes are packed with food. This is especially true for the daily specials, which are shown to customers upon introduction. Fruit is often integrated into the meal, which we find doesn’t happen often enough. Ambiencely speaking, the restaurant looks beautiful, but not pretentious – “a table for one please” is perfectly acceptable.

Rankings (out of 5 avocados):

Deliciousness: avocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_half.gif

VfM: avocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpg

Fruit in meal: Yes

Ambience: avocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_full.jpgavocado_half.gif

Vegetarian Haven, 17 Baldwin St. Vegan, although milk is, in addition to soy milk, offered with coffee. Average main $11. Complete dinners for about $20. Unlicensed.


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