Rural Ontario: a vegan’s survival guide

The best way to survive in rural Ontario is to bring your own food. However, should you find yourself in dire need of a vegan meal, there are some survival tips you should keep in mind. There are a lot of restaurants in small towns and along major roads, but few of them can provide a suitable meal. Consequently, you will need to be efficient in your search. Sometimes the name of the town is a dead giveaway. A recent foray into Neil’s Home Style Restaurant in Flesherton had predictably dismal results. Burger joints, such as this charming street car themed eatery in Shelburne,

Street car diner

are good places to find veggie burgers, although the burger is likely to be contaminated with substantial quantities of meat particulates, as all burgers are cooked on the same grill. For the %95 vegan this may be OK, however for the strict vegan the only recourse may be the vegan equivalent of road kill.


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