NOW’s restaurant rankings: Not Over-Whelmingly useful

Last month, NOW Toronto released their rankings of local vegetarian restaurants. View the article. The main problem with the rankings is that the author attempts to compare very different types of restaurants using one score. For people who eat vegetarian every day (or at least most days!), this is not all that useful. For example, Live and Fressen are both upscale eateries, with a much different purpose than 668 and Bo De Duyen. When looking to head out for a bite, most are expecting to pay $10-15 a meal, not $40. It’s not that we don’t believe in ‘fine dining’, it’s just that those restaurants should not be compared directly to the others.

We at therecreationalvegan propose a more multi-dimensional approach, which we think will allow eaters to get a better sense of what their getting. This will involve an evaluation of price, meal size, and style/ambience. So, follow us as we go to each of these top 25 restaurants and compile a more informative and useful vegetarian restaurant discussion.


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